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Moving Music & Pictures: Hand-on Music Video Production


January 2015


This is a hands-on project where participants will learn about the broad spectrum of positions required to make a successful music video from pre-production, shooting and all the way to post-production. The short-form of a music video provides an ideal “test-tube” for learning all facets of film production. Although maybe only 5 minutes long in its completed form, the music video production requires each and every skill set required for the production of a motion picture or television show.


Film industry professional, Vince Montefusco, is lead instructor of CFSSB’s Music Video Division. He’s worked with stars like Beyoncé, Clint Eastwood, Jackie Chan and Bruce Willis. Joining Vince as post production editor is Cris Cazor, the editor for CFSSB’s first feature film The Bet as well as a successful documentary and action-sports cinematographer.

Here is some of his former work:

The first clip is a  commercial that Vince directed a few of the explosives/pyrotechnic scenes in  Over 200 people worked on this spot in an abandoned LA warehouse and close-by streets .


And here is the behind the scenes clip:


This is a Garth Brooks Music Video had his song RED STROKES Vince worked on.


What’s new

On September 13thwe did a behind-the-scenes promo shoot at a retail location, where producers worked with the youth to give them hands-on instructions in various aspects of filmmaking.

The shooting locations are decided on and the script and storyboards are done, have a look at an outtake:

2 shots from our shooting skript

What’s next/ How can I join

Email us: info@cfssb.org or call us: (805) 751-5678

Stay Posted…

..for our upcoming three part course for the music video to the song “So Alive”. You will be able to enroll online soon!

The Bet

"The Bet" is our fist all-volunteer motion picture! It even has it's own website. Have a look: http://www.thebetmovie.com

Fade In...

Welcome to your Community Film Studio Santa Barbara. We are the world's first not-for-profit, community-operated, feature motion picture production studio. Imagine the traditional community theater...neighbors getting together, volunteering their time to put on a show to entertain the community. Now, take that same idea and instead of putting on plays we're shooting an original feature motion picture. And there IS a role for you to play no matter your background or level of past experience. If you think this will be fun and want to be a part of movie-making history, then join us!

Going Back...to the Future?

In searching for other potential organizations that might also be functioning as community film studios, I came across an editorial written on the website Microfilmmaker.com (a great resource site, by the way). The writer laments how the rise of the machine generically called "Hollywood" destroyed the communal nature of the early pioneers of movie making created. 

Give this 'history of Hollywood' editorial a read and see if you agree that what we're creating is what the writer calls "...the lynchpins of the new network of alternative studio communities which could finally offer the alternative we’ve been looking for!"

The Filmmaking Commune as Studio