"The Bet" Trailer
What is CFSSB?
A Declaration of Independence

Community Film Studio Santa Barbara

"The Bet" is our fist all-volunteer motion picture! It even has it's own website. Have a look: http://www.thebetmovie.com

Fade In...

Welcome to your Community Film Studio Santa Barbara. We are the world's first not-for-profit, community-operated, feature motion picture production studio. Imagine the traditional community theater...neighbors getting together, volunteering their time to put on a show to entertain the community. Now, take that same idea and instead of putting on plays we're shooting an original feature motion picture. And there IS a role for you to play no matter your background or level of past experience. If you think this will be fun and want to be a part of movie-making history, then join us!

Going Back...to the Future?

In searching for other potential organizations that might also be functioning as community film studios, I came across an editorial written on the website Microfilmmaker.com (a great resource site, by the way). The writer laments how the rise of the machine generically called "Hollywood" destroyed the communal nature of the early pioneers of movie making created. 

Give this 'history of Hollywood' editorial a read and see if you agree that what we're creating is what the writer calls "...the lynchpins of the new network of alternative studio communities which could finally offer the alternative we’ve been looking for!"

The Filmmaking Commune as Studio